Advanced Hybrid Fuse Technology for Enhanced Electric Vehicle Safety


Triggy fuse is a protection device for the electric car battery pack. It is a hybrid between a classic fuse and a pyrotechnic switch. It combines all the positive technical properties of both components. It encompasses additional functionalities, such as internal tripping in case of critical overcurrent, and two inputs for external tripping (from an airbag or BMS).


Technical Development Journey

The concept of the Triggy Fuse was initiated in 2017 at ETI, in a collaborative effort with a leading electric car manufacturer. Initial tests showed that the technical requirements of an electric car cannot be solved with a "classic" fuse, which has a fixed current-time characteristic and cannot be interrupted by an external signal. Therefore our team had to find another solution, which was to upgrade it with a pyrotechnic switch. Originating from the space industry during the Gemini and Apollo programs, these switches have evolved to meet the high-voltage requirements of modern EVs as they can withstand voltages up to 1000V d.c.

Innovative Design and Patent Protection

The combination of the two components gives us a product that integrates the positive features of both and that is the Triggy fuse. Designed to support up to 800V d.c. and 600A, the Triggy Fuse has two inputs for ECU and BMS signal and its own overcurrent tripping with REED contact. This dual-triggering approach, coupled with its high-current handling capacity, positions the Triggy Fuse as a superior alternative to traditional protection devices in electric vehicle applications.

Triggy fuse is protected by a family of 7 patents.

Endorsement by Industry Experts

It is best for the customer to introduce the innovation. And that's what Mate Rimac did in the case of the Triggy fuse. At the link below you can watch a video that introduces Triggy fuse in more detail between 53:55 and 54:40.

Most important for the meaning of this innovation are his words at the end of the presentation: "Something like Triggy Fuse didn't even exist on the market a couple of years ago." Which is absolutely true.


The Triggy Fuse is more than just an advancement in EV protection; it's a strategic response to the complex safety challenges faced by modern electric vehicles. For OEMs and EV manufacturers seeking reliable, high-performance protection solutions, the Triggy Fuse offers an unparalleled combination of safety, reliability, and technological innovation.

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